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Design strategy is business strategy incognito.  At COAST & METRO we work with you to find out your business goals and we strategically align our design and branding consultation recommendations accordingly.  By examining your target audience closely, we create channels of design to help turn your prospects into loyal customers.  We do all this while simultaneously helping your company achieve beautiful stunning design. Smart design should work for you. 

Image by Markus Spiske
Website Wireframe Exercise 
  • Create a plan for your new website featuring design that encourages a positive user experience and helps direct visitors to where you want them to be. 

  • Receive a sample home page design in PDF form 

  • Custom website packages are also available 

Photography and Videography
  • Contact us for pricing on our photo and video packages for your business. 

Graphic Design
  • We handle your graphic design needs on a project basis. 

  • Contact us with more information about your project and we will provide you with an estimate. 

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